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Upcoming Intake Dates 2018

July 23 and October 8

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Why IAFT Cebu?

Different ideas and cultures gather together in this film school in Cebu, Philippines.

We've had students from the different regions of the world. Filipino residents and International students are no strangers to IAFT as they graduated from our diploma or certificate programs.

Study in IAFT Cebu, Philippines! One of the World's Top Filmmaking Schools that has produced successful professionals.

Cebu is just a few hours away from you and this could be where your passion begin while enjoying every unique place and the low cost of living. With an affordable education yet high teaching standard and accelerated training, you’ll learn a lot of content in a small amount of time that could already bring you to the next milestone of your career.

Whether your passion is filmmaking, acting or 3D animation, our hands-on approach to training offers you a real advantage over other film schools. When you leave IAFT, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the television or film industry.


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